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Male Counselling: Taking Care Of Your Personal Mental Health Through Therapy

The topic of men’s mental health has been going around lately as the public focuses more on matters regarding one’s mental and emotional well-being. So much so that various mental health advocates have done research regarding men’s mental health problems and found results that are quite worrying. Many diagnosed cases were found alongside cultural and societal stigmas that perpetuate the problem. What is there to do when so many factors stop men from reaching out and getting the help they need?

Maybe the right call is to find a center that offers appointments for male counselling. Many institutions all around the world give access to these sorts of therapy sessions. However, factors such as work schedules or health concerns stop them from meeting with their therapists regularly. Talk With Me Counselling offers individuals a chance at healing with online therapy sessions to create a positive change in their lives.

If you’re searching for “male counsellors near me” on the internet and don’t find one you can feel comfortable with, then we suggest visiting us for your therapy needs. Our approach to counselling shows our clients the importance of trusting one’s self and allowing themselves to accept help from their support groups and the people they love.

Men’s Mental Health In The UK

Currently, research regarding the topic of men’s mental health in the UK has painted a stark picture of things. First, it was found that men were three times more likely to commit suicide when compared to women.  It was also found that men reported having lower satisfaction levels with their lives during a well-being survey. These seem to point toward men experiencing some form of societal or cultural pressure to keep pressing on despite all the problems they face, even if it is to their detriment.

Gender roles may be a factor in this situation as the long-standing view of men being breadwinners persists to this day. There’s also a viewpoint that all men should be seen as strong and controlled in all situations, a circumstance that’s difficult to achieve in modern times. Not having a sense of control or fearing shame may cause men to not reach out for the support that they need in those times.

It even permeates their physical health as the mental toll disrupts their lives and causes them to seek out damaging coping mechanisms. According to research, around 87% of men don’t get enough sleep while also being three times more susceptible to alcohol or cigarette dependencies compared to women.

Seeking Out Therapy When It Comes To Mental Health

Considering all the adverse effects of mental health issues, it would make sense that a person seeks out professional help for such cases. However, it seems that there’s also been an issue with under diagnosis when it comes to male mental issues. A Men’s Health Forum survey found that more men would rather take time off to get help for physical symptoms when compared to feelings of anxiety or depression.

If you’re someone that’s starting to see signs of mental health issues, you may want to seek help as soon as possible. As an individual, your worth is decided by yourself alone without any pressure from what society thinks or says. Seeking help shouldn’t be seen as some form of emasculation but as a sign that you’re strong enough to accept the facts as they come. That’s why we here at Talk To Me Counselling highly encourage seeking male counselling.

We offer clients help with varied cases such as Anxiety, Relationship Problems, Family Problems, Addictions, Gambling, and other potential stressors in your life. We understand that therapy can be quite a personal experience. That’s why we aim to develop a working relationship with your as we go through your strengths, fears, and individual thought processes. You’ll hear no judgement from us as we eagerly listen and come to understand each client that comes through our doors.

Check out our official website for a full list of all the services we have and a quick rundown of how we approach male counselling. We also have information on the benefits of therapy, our service fees, and how you can get in touch with us! We hope to see you there and to help you stay safe in both your mind and body.

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