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Finding Ways To Cope With Society’s Challenges Through Professional Counselling!

In today’s modern world, we find ourselves being backed into corners that we struggle to get out of. Our lives are filled with decisions that test our patience and understanding of the world, a prospect that sounds as tiring in practice as it is in theory. More and more people are being diagnosed with mental imbalances and thought patterns that feed into their negativity. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has even stated that there’s been around a 13% rise in mental health cases globally.

Sometimes, what a client needs is a counsellor that helps them to process all of their emotions and relate with their experiences. If you’re searching for “black male counsellors near me” to no avail, you can avail with the right sort of professional counselling through Talk With Me Counselling. Seeking help shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of and with the help of talking therapy you can be in a better position to deal with your mental well being.

Stigma With Men Asking For Help

As gender roles can play a part in society, men are less likely to seek help compared to women. Today’s conversations seem to be exploring the boundaries of gender identity and the roles we’re supposed to have. Men are free to be more expressive than before, yet there’s still the stigma that a man must take whatever comes by themselves. Men may find it more comfortable to talk with a male counsellor, especially considering that around 40% of men find it difficult to talk about their feelings.

Educating people on the importance of seeking help for mental health issues, problems and disorders can be a great way of fixing this social stigma. Now more than ever, we should strive to be understanding of the people in our lives. It takes much more than just well-wished thoughts to heal from potential trauma and emotional duress. Having a male counsellor is a valid choice for both men and women, depending on their own preferences and comfort zones.

Culture and Race: Inequality In Mental Health Circles

Although the journey towards complete equality among different races has gone a long way, there’s still much work to be done. One sector that needs to be improved upon is inequality in terms of healthcare access. Many areas around the world still produce cases where the colour of one’s skin determines the quality of health care you’ll receive, or even if you receive it at all.

This trend is quite prevalent as well when looking at racial demographics around the globe. The Black Community, which is already facing a multitude of problems regarding equality and rights to this day, suffers from particularly high rates of mental health disorders. The causes of this can evolve from the present form of racism and how their communities have been affected by it.

A study was done by the American Psychological Association regarding how prevalent mental health service usage was within a community of young black adults. Among the various findings, one specific implication stated that social stigma, cultural beliefs, and a lack of awareness when it came to these health services played a part in barring them from using mental health services.

Further findings stated that those who did attend mental health service counselling may be inclined to not continue should their counsellor not appropriately treat them. This shines a light on the current issue of handling sensitive topics in a culturally sensitive manner. Practitioners should also look into gaining more knowledge about their clients to understand what parts of their approach work or not.

Creating A Personalised Therapy Option For Clients

Sometimes, what someone truly needs is a counsellor that can relate to their struggles and help them process their feelings. It can be of benefit to clients to have a counsellor from a similar background, culture or ethnicity in order to feed more understood and therefore lead to a stronger client counsellor relationship. Whether the client is a man or a woman, they may feel it would benefit them and lead to a better chance of a positive outcome to have a male counsellor handle their therapy sessions. This is what is provided with Talk With Me Counselling giving clients the chance for a black male counsellor to give them the therapy they need.

With Talk With Me Counselling, you won’t have to worry about many of the common problems that stop others from seeking therapy. We’re concerned with how our clients take our therapy options and what they think works or not. Through this collaborative process, we can tailor a therapeutic experience that helps you get through all the stresses you’re under.

Clear-cut communication and a willingness to listen to all of our clients are what led us down this path. There’s always the hope that things will get better and we’re here to help facilitate that for you. With that, we invite you to inquire Talk With Me Counselling’s services and see how a black male counsellor can help you to actualise your potential.

Therapy can help you to explore the feelings and experiences that you’re experiencing and how you can cope with these positively and healthily. Finish up your search for a “black male counsellor near me” and discover your true self with us here!


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