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About Therapy

We believe that we are shaped by our past experiences and environment

Therapy can support us to explore our feelings and behaviours, relationships, and experiences. It involves noticing and sometimes challenging the ways we think about ourselves, our past, and the situations we find ourselves in.

Over time this new awareness can empower us to be our true selves and to be more resilient to the outside world.

This means that we can lose touch with our true self

Leading to conflict confusion and ill feeling within ourselves. Whatever troublesome thoughts, feelings or emotions, you may have and been dealing with by yourself. Here is the place to come to receive the warm, welcoming safe space in which you may need. Whether there is a specific known issue you wish to address, or just a feeling that something may be wrong.

Every journey is different & unique

Each client’s journey to counselling is particular to them. We may have a sense of being alone, feel hopeless, guilty or overwhelmed, but we might find it hard to pinpoint what in particular brought us to this point. Alternatively we may know exactly why we are here, but not have a clue what to do about it.

Why us

A trusting and supportive Space

Working with a therapist provides a trusting and supportive space to focus on what’s going on for you. The working relationship between client and therapist may build a bond like no other and give the client the empowerment to change what they want in themselves.